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Why is Nick de Waard the best mental health coach?

Nick de Waard tells us why he is one of the best mental health coaches.

  1. I connect heart to heart. I am an open and sincere person who finds your unique story important and who likes to hear it. That is why I always try to do my best to offer you that space in which you can be yourself and grow personally. You are not a number as you often see in the regular circuit, but a unique person with whom I make a sincere connection. Heart to heart.
  2. I myself suffered from stress (with panic attacks) for years when I was in my burnout, so I know better than anyone what you are going through. It’s tough, I know. But it will be okay. Fortunately, I have since recovered for a long time and during these years I have been able to learn important learning processes. I have incorporated these learning processes into my own ‘Golden Triangle’, which is the guideline in my coaching so that you can recover in a sustainable way. So you don’t get vague advice from me, but experienced coaching that will help you move forward.
  3. I see that in the coaching world there are a lot of ‘theory coaches’ who have a lot of theoretical knowledge, but who then don’t get much further than: “take more rest”. And if they look beyond that, it’s all vague. I don’t like that. My approach is practical and spiritual. No vague and vague advice, but a very practical and in-depth approach.
  4. I believe that we are all on the same path: the path to inner enlightenment and that on that path we need teachers to learn from in order to move forward. Like you, I also learn daily from my teachers. It would be very unnatural for us to stop learning. We are therefore all the same. That is why it is good to be guided by someone who has already walked your path.