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What to Know Before Buying Ads from Instagram Bloggers

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Collaborating with Instagram bloggers can generate business exposure and sales.

Those who want to increase their visibility must partner with major media bloggers and celebrities. Who sells – with niche influencers who have gathered a specific audience. For example marketers.

If a major blogger advertises hand cream, the effectiveness of the promotion will be low. This is an inexpensive product line for women over 40, subscribers will not believe they use it in real life. And if an influencer with 2000 subscribers writes a story recommending using the cream in the cold, the result will be much better.

To increase sales, it is better to choose five small bloggers than one big one. But the number of influencers to be involved in a promotion mainly depends on the budget. Then you have to build on the goals and the desired result.

Finding the right blogger on Instagram is easy – they usually appear at the top or upon request on a platform search. You can write ‘travel’ or ‘mom blogger’ in the search bar and Instagram will show accounts in this category.

Few likes are ok

To promote a profile, bloggers often organize contests with car or smartphone raffles. Then the page indicators can literally change quickly every hour. Therefore, the statistics you request in the morning may differ from the statistics you request in the evening. Especially the story indicators.

I recommend that you keep in mind and focus on the engagement rate formula. This is an important indicator of how interesting messages are to subscribers.

You can find out the level of engagement of a blogger yourself by viewing his page or requesting statistics. But if you write to someone right away with a request to provide page indicators, 95% will not answer you.

Show the value of your proposal, start communicating and explain the problem briefly and clearly. And only then ask for statistics. Most of the time, bloggers throw it off without a hitch if they’re really interested in collaboration.

It’s hard to negotiate barter with major bloggers. They are unlikely to advertise you in exchange for a gift. But with niche bloggers up to 25,000 subscribers, this model works well.

Bloggers should be constantly monitored

When discussing collaboration with a blogger, please indicate in advance whether you approve of the post and story. Bloggers are offended when asked to approve the material because they see it as a distrust of their activities. If you bought a post, ask the blogger to duplicate it in the story. A post can easily get lost in the feed. Bloggers are not punctual and forgetful. It’s good if a blogger has a personal assistant. In this case, the work is more clearly structured.

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