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Start your journey of a comprehensive senior management plan

As a senior manager, do you have a good and clear strategy to deal with the reality of organizational uncertainty? In a rapidly changing environment, reassessing and innovating the capabilities of today’s business management, while seeding opportunities and capabilities for tomorrow’s continuous growth, is the key to a company’s long-term survival and competitiveness. Start your journey of a comprehensive senior management plan and develop your strategy to successfully innovate your business today and seize the opportunities of tomorrow to achieve sustained business growth, flexibility and competitiveness. Tailored for you, with your business challenges as the red line of the entire plan, you will have the strategy and leadership skills to lead your organization through a specific strategic action plan.


You are an experienced senior executive who is in a leading position in your game. Your job is to look at the ground and make truly important decisions. But do you asking yourself what drives you? Are you looking for new sources of inspiration to reinvigorate your ambitions and discover what is ultimately important to you? Our channel Senior Management information high-intensity, deeply involved senior management training program. You will contact senior managers from all over the world, refresh your professional network, and gain new insights and inspirations. Under the guidance of experienced coaches and teachers, you will discover the breakthrough insights you need to confidently solve the most critical and difficult problems that limit you and your organization. You will leave with a clear plan to deal with important issues.


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Do you want to sell your car and are you unsure between a sales service, dealer or selling yourself? In the table below we have listed all the advantages and disadvantages for you.

Advantages and disadvantages of different sales channels

Sales service

Trade-in at the dealer

sell to a private individual

How fast can I sell my car?

Guaranteed to be sold within 1 business day.

New cars are subject to delivery time.

Not safe. Highly dependent on price and interest.

Can my car be sold for a good price?

Prices are reasonable, but always a guaranteed price.

Unsure. Depends on the purchase price of the new car.

A good price can be obtained with a lot of interest and good negotiation.

What selling costs do I have to bear?

Fixed value. You only pay for the service when you sell.

Not applicable.

Variety. Advertising on most sites incurs a fee, but sales and prices are not guaranteed.

Do I have a lot of paperwork?

new ones. Just enter car details and upload photos once.

Not applicable.

Yes. Arrange transfers, fees and financial settlements yourself.

How much stress will it cause?

The Sales Service makes it easy for you to arrange everything.

Variety. Negotiating trade-in prices can be stressful.

A lot of. Negotiate prices, test drives, strangers at home, arrange everything yourself.

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