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Hosting Thailand – VPS or Fully Dedicated Servers

VPS remains the latest innovation in the world of technology. Not only do these split the hosting power, but they are also known for independent control and extra security that was available to fully dedicated servers.

These are commonly known for offering solutions for website that are not handled through regular shared hosting.

VPS hosting plans are gaining popularity for it being split up into multiple servers, offering control and access to the main host. At xxiwebhosting.com, we aim to create better connections, ensuring lower hosting cost and reliability of the infrastructure.


Variety of hosting in Thailand

Are you the one willing to succeed as an online store or want to get globally recognized reputedly? Do you know exploring more about the variety in hosting available is worth it? While doing so, you may come across some free hosting plans while the others are up with paid one. With regards to the pricing issue, this is completely dependent on the type of hosting. Check out the variety of hosting;


–        VPS hosting in Thailand is among variety of hosting plans that makes businesses and individuals rent a virtualized operating system. Customers in the plan pay for taking up space on someone else’s server according to their usage. If you are unwilling to spend a lot, you can opt for this available option.


–        Cloud hosting

Such a type of hosting is used remotely, enabling different businesses to centralize almost all the data and ensure the storage of the files in a single platform. When choosing to have such a hosting, it helps with working from multiple locations.


–        Shared hosting

In this hosting type, there is a single server that serves multiple websites. To make sure about the security and longevity of your website, looking for a reliable server is a must. If unwilling to purchase a dedicated server, it is better to go for this option.


–        Dedicated server hosting

If you are aiming to run the operations smoothly, the dedicated servers provide businesses with the flexibility. These are referred to as “enterprise-grade” hosting, allowing the customization of hardware and software of the server so it goes well with the business needs. In comparison to the shared hosting plan, this has increased reliability, greater stability, and enhanced security.


Hosting speed is equally essential, especially when it comes to search engine ranking. When your website has a higher page load time, this leads to higher bounce rate and eventually a lower ranking. Poor hosting can be a reason for increasing page loading time.