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Content marketing is king Marketing

Content marketing is, content, pivot of internet marketing. Under the title “content is king” can be informed, so that content is king Marketing is marketing. In any case, that content marketing is very important. No, good, clear, readable and relevant content websites have in view of the search engines, but also in view of the audience, no chance. Content marketing is to ensure that the audience becomes interested, gets inspired and fascinated and continues. In this way, try to analyze the search engines to rank websites. Simply put, if your content marketing is not functioning properly, your site will not function properly in the eyes of the search engines.

Content marketing, the basics

Content marketing is the basis, as stated above, a good traceability and high ranking on the internet. So what’s the basis of content marketing? For a good article with the appropriate images and / or videos, start writing and using for example, article marketing is to publish must be done research there. There the best keywords c.q. search terms must be examined your audience will search and find your website. There must also be based on those keywords / search terms are looked at what the competition is and what they do with it. When 100% is imaged, need relevant and appropriate images and / or videos sought or made of good quality. After this also is ready to be started is putting together the desired website or webpage. These requirements must be held again entirely based on the SEO on-page criteria for the search engines. A website on which they 100% compliant and also contains the correct length (number of words), which is at least 500 words, but preferably 2000. One may assume that the website or web page, supporting off-page SEO will rank well. However, this takes time, so content marketing is king with patience.

Content marketing and on-page SEO

As read above, content marketing can only be successful if they adhere to the off-page SEO guidelines. Some brlangrijke “demands” of the search engines to rank high the next. The title should be in front, up one position, contain the main keyword, the same position in which one is a little less important, applies to the description. The headers, using minimal header 1, 2 and 3 must always include the main keyword. In the text, at least 500 words, must contain about 4% of the number of words in the main keyword. With this brief basic rules content is king with the right content marketing.


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