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Re-discover The Pop Up Display Stand

It’s been a while for all exhibitors since assembling or shopping for a new Pop Up exhibition stand, so we thought what better way to make sure you’re prepared than to share the must have information when it comes to Pop Up Display Stands.

Cost effective, simple to use and suitable for any business are just a few points as to why the Pop Up style is so popular. It doesn’t matter how big or small your company is just as along as you’ve got a marketing campaign to share.

Light & Compact

Travelling from venue to venue and even country to country, it’s important that your exhibition stand can be easy to transport. The collapsible structure and foldable panels ensure the complete unit can be stored and moved in the provided carry case.

Tip: The carry case can be completed with a printed graphic wrap which transforms the carry case into a branded podium.

Easy To Assemble

Exhibitions are hard enough without the hassle of spending hours trying to piece together your main display. The simple Pop Up mechanism and magnetic panels enable the stand to be up and running within 15 minutes, so you’ll have less time worrying about the stand and more time to spend with potential customers.

The simple structure can be erected by any user, so it doesn’t matter which of your employees head over to the event.


A Pop Up display can last for years, to say it’s an investment is an understatement. With the option to replace panels as and when your marketing message changes you can adapt the stand to conform to your current needs.

The Premier Pop Up Stand is available as jumbo, standard and midi, to cater to all exhibition shapes and sizes and those with any restrictions. In addition to the sizes, straight and curved variations are an option.

Creating a bespoke configuration is also possible, the versatile display can be linked together to extend the overall display and create a new shape suitable for your display space.


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